Meet The Team

The core team at NoeticMinds have been serial entrepreneurs and technology specialists
who understand the need to nurture lean businesses.
Our extended team of enthusiastic Knowledge Process experts share this objective and practice.

Naveen Udoshi

Business Consultants :

  • Over 18+ years of hands-on expertise in Business setup, Process optimization, Technology solutions etc.,
  • International exposure (USA, South Africa, GCC)
  • Extensively knowledge in adopting effective low-cost technology
  • Team NMC

    Team NMC


  • Web developers
  • PHP developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Copywriters
  • Graphics
  • Video editors
  • SEO & SEM
  • Nithya Somanath

    Technology Consulting :

  • Over 20+ years of hands-on expertise in Telecom, eCom, Web technologies, including 10+ years in servicing to Overseas customers
  • Expertise in Telecom, eCom & Web technologies
  • Training and Resource deployment specialization
  • Team Work Engagement

    Our Skills

    Digital Marketing
    Biz setup consultation

    Our History

    Brought in eComm experts to service our 1st set of clients in product & service selling for the US & Canada markets!

    Outside of Telecom & Data consulting, NMC formulates its Business Model for India: Technology & Business consulting!

    Started venturing into traditional FMCG/product-vendors and explore new markets & platforms via:

    Online presence - Web Identity definition, Social Presence

    Growth – Multi-lingual web presence, Revenue via online Ads, SM

    Content – Creation & Curation

    Process Optimization – Low-cost tech implementation, Process outsourcing

    Online Integrity – Positive PR, Content authenticity.

    Our advance eComm learnings in US/Europe markets made us the best choice to be the eComm solutions provider for our new client in the Gulf market.

    Our Bi-lingual (Arabic, English) web presence, Content creation & Social media capabilities pleasantly surprises end customers from this region!

    For New Businesses, we help with:

    Web strategy – Visual Identity (product & service), web design, SM presence Marketing – Online/Offline Ads, Marketing budget & campaign definition

    Helping ImagineMovies revamp their web presence gave us our foray into Media & TV.(

    Display network Ads in use to boost online conversions for a client's eComm campaign!



    Depending on the uniqueness of your product and its demand, we can help reach out to geographies, sell via online platforms Or just provide you with the capabilities of enhancing your customer's experience at your store.
    Worry not! We at NoeticMinds will carefully understand your strengths & products. We then proceed to design a solution that you can benefit with, being in the driver's seat.
    Based on which markets you wish to target, we present you platforms (traditional retail, distribution, eComm, DRTV etc) that we can help with. In certain markets, we get you in touch with local entities which best fit your business / trading requirements. In others, we can hand-hold in building your local business presence.
    Yes & No. In markets (US, GCC, India) where we do have expertise, we will guide you step-by-step. In others, we set you up with a trustworthy partner (e.g., Nigeria).
    Industrial/Manufacturing is an area we do not deal with.
    We have helped traditional retailers, manufacturers as well as businesses in the service industry to grow their offerings via the Web and reach out to the Global marketplace.
    There are no demarcations as such for products that can be sold on DRTV. However, any product or service that requires the marketer to explain the concept is best sold via long-form advertising. This is especially true of products where retailers cannot do justice due to missing skills or limited resources.
    Why not! However the product has to offer value. For example, you could market a 1-month's supply of groceries at an irresistible pricing, shipped directly from the warehouse-to-customer. Other out-of-the-box examples include selling Gifting packs / Seasonal exotic fruits etc.
    The legalities of commercial TV advertising applies to products/services sold via long form DRTV as well. You do have to be careful on what you claim via testimonials, expert endorsements etc. All such claims will have to be sufficiently substantiated via documental evidence. In most markets, wellness products do undergo a lot more scrutiny as compared to lifestyle & utility products. Products may also require clearances & certifications by local authorities. We help you understanding & meeting these requirements.

    Useful Facts

    Our experience and work expertise shows that:

    Is the TV penetration in India. Still a solid selling platform
    online transactions are paid via credit/debit card
    Is the average returns ratio for eComm purchases