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With 15 years of Information Technology delivery experience in the International markets and 4 years in the Gulf region, we at NoeticMinds consulting have developed the ability to define, articulate & implement our client’s requirements in Media, eCommerce, Wellness & Lifestyle sectors. Our clients from USA, UAE and Saudi Arabia find immense value in the experience and exposure that we bring to our offerings:


Corporate web identity: Web design & development

Your corporate identify on the Web is as important as getting listed in the phone book. Research has shown that (potential) customers routinely evaluate businesses based on their web presence – which would include your website, mobile app, social presence (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) and of course other sources like reviews, blogs and news articles.


Having a presentable web identity is as important as having a Signboard for your office! Without this you may be missing out on 30-40% of new clients and revenue. We at NoeticMinds understand this better than anyone else. We have helped clients& ourselves to define + manage a formidable online identity - be it Media, Pharma, Wellness or Hospitality. Our clients in the Media sector (BigVentures.net, ImagineMovies.ae, Prochannel.ae) testify to an immediate increase in business inquires with the setting up of their online presence! Talk to us to see how we can help you!



Bi-lingual Web presence (English, Hindi, Arabic, Italian, Spanish)

Have you considered making your website/Social media presence Bi-lingual?


As you already know, customers love it when businesses support both English & the native language in their marketing communication! Your website/SM is an important tool in that regard. Our eComm clients report a spike in traffic when their product content is published in their customer’s local language! However, remember that online translation tools do not do justice to your message, as is evident by this clipping here.


Take your customers seriously and provide them a browsing experience that will establish trust & grow your business. Ask us about our Multi-language web presence management services. Find out what you are missing.

Fully-functional eCommerce store


Consider this scenario:

You aspired to become an Entrepreneur, worked very hard, setup your own 1st store and grow it to 4 more! Yeppie!! Good for you. However, you now start realizing that some of your locations are missing out on foot-fall. Friends & relatives advise you to setup an online store! You engage a company and soon-or-later they deliver you something! Give or take 6 more months, revenue does not improve, and this website thinge is consuming up more time & resources! End of the year, you realize that this was all one bad investment.


Well, what most “well-wishers” don’t tell you is this! Setting up a website is just 10% of the equation, the remaining 90% are in the details:

  • Making your website eCommerce ready (shopping cart, product description, updates, regular feeds, maintaining online inventory etc)
  • Supporting a memorable checkout experience (payment gateway, email updates etc)
  • Data & Transaction security (the last thing you want is your customer’s credit card details hacked & stolen)
  • Integration with an efficient Order Management System (OMS)
  • Optimizing your website for your local Search Engines
  • Maintaining a Social Media presence to acquire & keep your existing customers


Having an Online Shopping Interface is a blessing for B2B and B2C businesses provided it is done RIGHT! Talk to us and we can help you define your online &technology needs.


Technology needs

Some of our wellness/hospitality clients from the Gulf share with us their nightmares with web companies. The most common rant from them is the sale of unwanted technologies. These are not only a drain on their capital, but also complicate their businesses tremendously.


We at NoeticMinds understand that your Core is your business process, and you should not be burdened with intimidating technology. Our promise is to provide you just the right tools to help run & grow your business. Be it Pay-As-You-Grow Appointment management tools, Backend Order Processing CRM or just your bi-lingual website, our promise to you is that we will never upsell unwanted stuff to you.


Payment gateway & Logistics integration

You hatched a wonderful plan to take your Idea/traditional-store onto the web! However, the web is filled with jargon which even Engineers like us get confused! Simple things like Payment gateways which are meant to be Business Enablers, can sometimes prove elusive (especially in the GCC markets), leading to your abandoning of your Online plans!


We at NoeticMinds specialize at helping small & medium business owners understand what is the best gateway for you and in implementing it with your website. We have experience in working with PayTabs, PayPal, Pay@Home, Authorize.net, PayTM and all other standard providers.


Have a tricky Logistics process? We can help define the business logic, design and implement tools that can help simplify it. One of our client’s (TeleSky Shopping Inc) in the USA has saved thousands of dollars per month by automating their fulfillment process. Consult us on how we can help with Logistics tools.


Order Management System

eCommerce requires that the customer be delighted with a delivery experience that will match their in-store check-out experience (minus the queues – of course!). Hosted Order Management Systems have helped our clients in Saudi Arabia to manage distribution via CoD (Cash on Delivery) with 3rd party entities. The whole process from Order-to-Cash-based-Delivery has been custom built to enable tracking, aging and incentivizing on-time dispatches.


Write to us for FREE advice on how we can ease-off your Order Management bottle-necks.


Pay-as-you-Grow CRM services

Imagine this! Your business process get 200 inquiry calls a day. Your sales agents use Excel (or still worse paper) to maintain records and history. This is good until your business starts expanding and your sales team have to handle 1000 maybe 1500 calls. Now is the time to Automate & Grow your business. Our Industry-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are built to solve:

  • Information management
  • Customer data security
  • Data analytics – find your best performing agents, products, dealers etc
  • Ordering history
  • Product research based on buying trends (whether on phone, online or at store)


What’s more our on-demand CRM also helps reduce resource wastage – man power, inventory, stocking etc. We have designed CRMs for Telemarketing, eComm, Consultation & Product marketing verticals. Tell us a little more about your business and we can design a Hosted application that will save you time& effort.


To hold true to our philosophy of “saving you a buck”, we can deploy in as little as 6-seat/license organizations.


Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is now the most significant part of an overall internet marketing strategy. When combined with SEO, you can surely expect great returns for your business, since Google also values social signals as one of the ranking factors for your website.

Social Media Optimizaiton involves social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest to name a few.

These websites have a huge activity daily since people hang upon them to know things happening around them. You can target them for your business. Thus helping you to make your brand famous and maintain a reputation for yourself in your market.

Every single day, new services and products are being launched, Therefore it is necessary for you to make your own place in the competition. Communication and interaction being the vital part of social media optimization, you can count upon us to do these tasks for you.

Mobility Apps

Our experience in eCommerce & product distribution has enabled us to apply these learning in the tools that we build for our clients. Be it an App to connect to your consumers or one for Work Process Optimization, we can provide you solutions that match your organizational and business needs.